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Software Engineering

Argonauts software engineering

Since launching in 2016 as a closed-door development partner; we’ve embedded with publicly traded companies and plucky upstarts making finely crafted and low risk software through the use of our CMMI-SAFe approach.

This approach allows for better, faster, and deeper insight prototyping with continuous delivery and seamless integration with hardware (ie: IoT, SoC, Custom PCB).

Define. Prototype. Build. Test. Repeat.

From long living product roadmaps to world class user interface all backed by automated, stress tested code. Our cross-discipline and full-stack product teams work hand-in-hand with CTOs, product leadership, and founder teams to craft product experiences. This approach maximizes user adoption and allows seamless integration into hardware specific technology such as Real-Time Operating Systems (RTOS), Embedded Linux or Rust applications.

Ecosystem of Expertise


Every business has a different software and hardware environment, that’s why we field a wide range of software development services providing a full stack development, firmware integration, and deep certifications to back the work.


Argonauts offers comprehensive firmware development services to companies looking to get the most out of their hardware: control gadgets and equipment remotely, gather and process sensor data, and connect devices within an IoT system.

Having developed software both for on world and off world projects; we know what it takes to make a product reliable


Argonauts delivers full-cycle software architecture services that include product design evolution, big data development, existing technology solution analysis and evaluation of development foundational best practices. Our architects allow clients to focus on what your project or your business needs and align strategy, technology, and operational objectives without missing a beat.

Tech We Live By.

We have experience with many technologies and programming languages but have special predilection for a few of them that enable innovation the best.

React.js Web
and Native

Argonauts Software Engineering has deep expertise in building custom software, mobile and web applications, loT solutions and cloud migrations/management; often integrating custom hardware with a range of hardware.


Python is a powerful and high-level programming language that enables our developers to quickly and efficiently develop a wide variety of applications, including web applications, analysis software, network programming, graphical user interfaces (GUIs), scientific and numeric applications to name a few.

Azure Services

Our architects use Azure services because it accelerates time to market, delivers innovative experiences (i.e. Front Door, B2C), and improve security with Azure application and data modernization. We are able to easily take advantage of Microsoft’s global data centers, multi-zone redundancy, uptime protection (i.e. hot, warm, cold) and risk mitigation (i.e. Front Door) to deliver secure, scalable digital experiences


Node.js shines in real-time web applications employing push technology over WebSocket allowing our team to develop fast, scalable and reliable applications. Our team has helped clients accomplish their vision using both javascript and typescript across a myriad of frameworks.


WordPress is our choice when it comes to Content Management Systems (CMS), not only because of the wide plugin support and accessibility for everyday publishers but because it can lead the way in headless operation combining the best of a multitude of worlds.


MongoDB is built on a scale-out architecture that has become popular across a myriad of different industries due to the easy enablement of scalable applications with evolving data schemas. Our team combines this with the power of Mongoose to really unlock the capabilities
of applications and quick development.


When a truly battle hardened and life saving device is required Argonauts pulls FreeRTOS out of our back pocket. It is designed to be small enough to run on a icrocontroller, easily integrates with IoT platforms, and has wide support to enable development not to slow without compromising any quality concerns.


The newest “C++” killer is our go to when working on new projects when memory or security is at a primary concern. It enables cleaner and faster code to be produced in a timely manner that is already staged to embrace the future of low level programming (of course we will never be
able to leave our old C++ behind anytime soon).

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