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Mechanical Design

Unconstrained Designs

Our mechanical design division, Unconstrained Designs, utilizes years of engineering experience to provide our partners with all facets of services – from research and development, specification and prototyping, to analysis services.

We virtually build entire models for clients, conducting testing and computational analyses at the design and prototyping stage, thereby limiting time, money and waster during the manufacturing stage.

End to End Product Design

Our deep team of engineers works hand-in-hand with all stakeholders throughout the entire product development process utilizing Modified Agile Hardware Development (MAHD), from conception and drawing to wire framing, prototyping and testing - our methodology always keeps a user’s experience top of mind for our clients - including entrepreneurs, startups, mature companies, and governmental agencies.





Our Product Design Process

Unconstrained Design bridges the gap between ideas and productions. Often taking ideas from rough hand sketches or white board creations outside of SolidWorks all the way into a fully integrated Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) system.

Design For Manufacturing (DFM), Improved Assembly and Inspection

Our engineers can support you in optimizing every aspect of product design; whether designed by us or another company - factoring in everything including cost down, tolerances, inspection requirements, safety and more.

Process Modeling and Simulation

Through the use of Finite Element Analysis (FEA) modeling we save significant time and cost at the design stage; delivering effective and reliable solutions that meet our client’ requirements.


We’re an industry-leading, American-made rapid prototyping company providing high-quality prototypes (eg: 3d printed,resin cast, machined) from either provided CAD models or in house designed components, which can help de-risk and optimize manufacturing process introduction.

Tooling Design

Our in-house design team can identify problems and provide solutions before tooling is even manufactured. They have both the knowledge depth relevant to your tooling technology as well as a diverse breadth of experience to draw from making sure that production lines stay up and meet run time requirements

Reverse Engineering

Our in-house team utilizes local partnerships to provide appropriate technologies ranging from coordinate measuring machines (CMM) capable of measuring a variety of components to 3d scanning technologies. After data is collected it is used to create highly accurate CAD models for either rapid drawing reproduction or corporate redundancy efforts.

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