Landi Industries, founded in 2016 by Jeremiah Landi, is an American engineering and manufacturing firm proudly based in Akron, Ohio.

 Built on a foundation of delivering quality, Landi was created to revolutionize the way the world views manufacturing. Our mission is to help companies bring their products to market by providing end-to-end engineering and manufacturing services.

Our Capabilities


Our product design division, Unconstrained Designs, utilizes years of mechanical engineering and experience to virtually build entire models. Upon completion, various tests and computational analyses, and physics are conducted on the product in a virtual setting to limit waste when it’s time to build.


Our mechanical engineering division, Smoke Stack Fabrications, has mastered the art of taking an idea from the drawing board and bringing it into reality; from an idea to something you can touch. Specializing in custom fabrications, one-of-a-kind parts are created to fit new and existing products. These designs are not only aesthetically pleasing but are structurally sound.


Our software development division, Argonauts Collaborative, specializes in the creation and perfection of software, firmware, cloud, architecture, and applications. We design custom software solutions for our clients on various platforms and operating systems including desktop and mobile.


Our team of master electrical engineers are experts in integrating hardware and firmware in new and existing devices. We specialize in conducting system tests using near-final hardware and firmware. We design custom circuit boards, LEDs, and firmware for projects big and small.

What Makes Us Different

Our team of expert problem solvers

Comprised of engineers expertly versed in advanced product design, custom development, computational physics, and small run manufacturing, we are a team of problem solvers who will partner with you to ensure your vision comes to fruition. Each team member is chosen because of the incredible work ethic they embody, the specialized tool set they deliver, and their refusal to settle for simply good enough.

Our Adaptability to Emerging Technologies

While most companies simply throw the latest technology at their customers, we take a different approach. We take the time to understand our customers’ needs and not only work with the latest technology, but also ensure that these technologies will easily integrate into their existing environment. In other words, we embrace existing and new technologies with discipline - we don’t sell technologies, we sell solutions.

Our Commitment to Success

We never shy away from a challenge. We love the process of taking your idea from concept and making it a reality. We take the ideas that others have said "can't be done" and we do it. Clear communication is one of our strong suits, and transparency is a key to successful outcomes on behalf of our client partners. We strive to ensure that each of our clients truly understands the services we are providing.

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