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Case Study – Streamlining Touring Artist Operations


Disrupting The Antiquated Industry of Touring

How Landi Industries unpacked over two decades of inefficiency to help one of North America’s leading talent agencies streamline the process through an internal product. 

Leveraging over 100 years of industry experience, Landi leveraged their skills in: 

  • Research and Development 
  • Product Design 
  • Software Development 


The results that matter:

  • Designed and built an application that automated 70% of the workflow for the end user. 
  • Reduced time to contract from 3 months down to just 2-3 weeks. 
  • Leveraged modern data architecture to create algorithms that empowered all agents within the organization.


The Challenge: A Sea of Problems

The talent firm identified an opportunity to take the first step in catching the antiquated industry up to modern efficiency standards. After years of trying to make progress with their development firms, they realized that they were falling behind and significantly overshooting their budget, presenting a huge risk to the project and the business.

In addition to the struggle to adopt new technology, they faced the critical risk of losing their acquired efficiencies with ongoing agent turnover. agents possessing critical industry knowledge and intellectual property added to the artists’ challenge. This resulted in the loss of expertise and threatened the long-term sustainability and profitability of the agency and the artists it supports.

In the face of their growing challenges, the agency enlisted the expertise of Landi Industries. Tasked with devising a solution to fulfill its pressing needs, Landi began by identifying variables impacting costs and industry aspects.




Identifying The Right Problem 

Believing in a hands-on approach, Landi developed an extensive understanding of the challenges by engaging users across every level of the organization. The team painstakingly mapped every variable and rule that factored into a very variable, complex, and divergent process. 

After over 200 discussions and sifting through 20 years of historical data, Landi started to identify the pieces that contributed most to success. They used these insights to reshape the core requirements of the platform and “future-proof” the talent agency with a tool that would be indispensable to their operational success. 


Clarifying the REAL problem:

  • Refined personas to represent the entire tour booking process. 
  • Creating an extensive know  task that made up the end-to-end process of booking a tour. 
  • Restructured all data types and relationships to ensure efficiency and clarity were present in every interaction. 


Establishing functional systems:

  • Prototyping allowed Landi to test what interfaces worked dynamically with the end users. 
  • Interactions of the designs were tested to evaluate for opportunities to innovate and improve on the foundational process. 
  • Landi helped the talent agency establish a learning and feedback system that mapped to the SDLC (Software Development Lifecycle), allowing stakeholders to engage and provide feedback every step of the way. 



Delivering Innovation

Landi initiated a groundbreaking transformation, converting the touring artists’ rudimentary in-house database into a vibrant and easily manageable digital one. The revolutionary transition ensured the database was now accessible from multiple platforms and updated in real-time with real-world data.

The solution allowed agents to book entire tours within a month, whereas the old process required them to plan, coordinate, and book over six months to a year. 

By instituting agile protocols and prioritizing user feedback, Landi ensured a model of continual growth and improvement. These exemplary accomplishments underscored how digital transformation could address immediate operational challenges and introduce new efficiencies, paving the way for a long-term, sustainable future in the industry. Landi Industries’ profound contribution set an industry benchmark, embodying the essence of innovation, adaptability, and sustainable growth in a rapidly evolving business landscape. This pioneering feat is a testament to the infinite possibilities heralded by technology integration, reshaping industry practices and setting trails for others to follow.