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About Landi Industries

Turn-Key Engineering Services

Landi Industries, founded in May 2016 by Jeremiah Landi, is an American engineering and manufacturing company. The company was created by a group of engineers that were tired of dealing with groups of engineering companies to deliver products and projects.

Landi Industries provides a service that designs, supplies, builds, and delivers fully complete and ready to use products; the company undertakes the entire responsibility from design through completion and commissioning.


What We Have To Offer

Overall, projects require tight end to end engioneering integration which is why Landi Industries belives in having mechanical design, electrical design, firmware design, and software design all in one house; reducing time to market and producing sleeker and sexier products for the cosumer.

Industrial Design

Landi Industries leads the design process with a “customer first” approach doing heavy user experiance testing combined with light wieght design drawings to drive home the features that matter to users.

Software Development

Landi Industries employs full stack engineering practices meaning that an engineer an handle all the work of databases, servers, responsive front end and back end; ensuring nothing doesn’t align.

Mechanical Design

Mechanical engineers apply a different, practical skill to turn a creative enclosure on the outside into a technological and functional structure on the inside.

Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineers focus on keeping the internals systems of any project efficient, reliable, safe, and always up-to-date with the latest standards.

Our Skills

Professional Main Services

All of the employees are hired at Landi Industries because they bring a wdith breath of talents to the table. This enable our engineers to come at problems from more than a single angle and allowing a product to be more thurough in the final design.

  • Electrical Schematic Drawing Service
  • PCB Design and Layout Services
  • Industrial and Mechanical Design
  • Dynamic Mechanical Analysis
  • Progressive Web Apps and Mobile Applications
  • Firmware Development and Support

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